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The secret of wealth lies in the letters SAVE.节俭是致富的秘诀。


The shortest answer is doing the thing.最简短的回答就是一个“干”字。


There is only one me in this world. 在这个世界上,我是独一无二的


They who cannot do as they would, must do as they can.不能如愿而行,也须尽力而为。


Time tames the strongest grief.时间能缓和极度的悲痛。


To him that does everything in its proper time, one day is worth three.事事及时做,一日胜三日。


To save time is to lengthen life.节省时间就是延长生命。


Tomorrow comes never.切莫依赖明天。


What may be done at any time will be done at no time.在任何时候都可做的事情,总是在任何时候都不做的事情。 Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.凡是值得做的事,就值得做好。


When an opportunity is neglected, it never comes back to you.机不可失,时不再来;机会一过,永不再来。


Wisdom in the mind is better than money in the hand.胸中有知识,胜于手中有钱。


Wisdom is a good purchase though we pay dear for it.为了求知识,代价虽高也值得。


Wisdom is better than gold or silver.知识胜过金银


Wisdom is more to be envied than riches.知识可羡,胜于财富。


Wisdom is to the mind what health is to the body.知识之于精神,一如健康之于肉体。


Wit once bought is worth twice taught.由经验而得的智慧,胜于学习而得的智慧;一次亲身的体会,胜过两次的教师教导。


Work bears witness who does well.工作能证明谁做的好。


Work makes the workman.勤工出巧匠。


Work today, for you know not how much you may be hindered tomorrow.今朝有事今朝做,明朝可能阻碍多。